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Philip Landau and the employment lawyers at Landau Law are well known, having acted for thousands of senior executives across most industry sectors. This includes many individuals from blue chip companies, the banking/ financial services industry, as well as senior media executives. There are also plenty of executives who work for smaller companies that require representation, and who we have helped extensively.

There are many employment law issues that relate specifically to senior executives namely bonuses, restrictive covenants, onerous clauses in your contract of employment or service agreement, notice periods, settlement agreement terms, stocks and shares, gross misconduct, references (including FCA references), and international issues such as UK rights if you are working abroad.

In addition, you will need to preserve your reputation when you leave, and ensure any equity or share options are properly protected. These are all matters upon which we have advised and fought our client’s corner very successfully.

We have negotiated thousands of favourable severances packages against most of the investment and retail banks, together with other financial institutions in the City and UK- with high rates of success. Such top level negotiations require particular expertise and sensitivity to achieve the best results- which is what we are about.

We have written numerous articles and commentary for leading financial and other websites including Reuters, efinancial careers, Cityjobs and The Guardian

Please call 020 7100 5256 and ask to speak to Philip Landau or any member of the employment law team for a free initial consultation. Alternatively, you can email us at

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