Redundancy process

Redundancy process- an overview

In a correct redundancy process, the following needs to happen:

· There needs to be a redundancy situation;

· Relevant employees who are likely to be affected by the redundancy need to be identified;

· A selection criteria for who could be made redundant needs to be drawn up, which needs to be transparent and objective.

· Your employer should identify who will select those who are potentially to be made redundant. That person, or persons should be familiar with the work, skills and qualifications of all affected employees;

· All affected employees should be consulted about the redundancy criteria, how they have been assessed and that they have been put at risk. Employers should make clear that being put at risk doesn’t mean that an employee has yet been selected;

· There should be consideration by your employer of what suitable alternative roles (if any) there may be. Women on maternity leave have preference over other workers in relation to new roles.

· You should have a right of appeal.