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We are a leading employment law firm acting for employees in the City and all of the UK.

Employment law- No win – no fee

As specialist UK employment law solicitors with a national reputation, we are always willing to consider taking a case on a no win- no fee basis if this is your preference. In doing so, we appreciate that this is often an attractive option at a time when financial security is uncertain.

Many employment lawyers don’t like working on no win – no fee basis because the risks are too high. Whilst this may well be the case, we have operated solely in the employment law field for over 17 years and in over 12,000 thousands cases- with a very high success rate. We are therefore sufficiently well experienced to judge those risks- and more often than not, happy to act.

How it works is simple. If the case is not settled, you do not pay us. Your fees are therefore dependant on us negotiating a settlement that you are happy with, or if the case needs to go to a tribunal, any amount that is awarded. It is expressed as a percentage of actual sums recovered from your employer. Where there is an existing offer of settlement, only on the additional amount we have negotiated or recovered at tribunal will form part of the no-win no fee arrangement.

The primary aim is to try and reach a settlement without the issue of tribunal proceedings, which is understandably the overriding preference of employees – and employers too. Philip Landau  and the employment law team at Landau Law pride themselves on their success rate, whether there is an existing offer on the table from your employer or otherwise.

Not every case can be accepted on a no win – no fee basis, but we will do our best to do so if this is your preferred costs option, wherever you are in the UK. Our reputation as specialist employment law solicitors covers all industry sectors.

We will also consider other funding options.  

We are regularly called upon as expert solicitors on employment law for radio, television, national newspapers, financial and legal websites, and conferences. In addition, Philip Landau writes for The Guardian as their employment law expert.


We are happy to give you a free initial assessment of your case. Please contact us on 020 7100 5256 and ask to speak to Philip Landau or any member of the employment team, or email us.

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